Gay Living Media

Gay Living Media

MOOV Enables Gay Living Media by Producing, Printing, and Distributing over 90,0000 Copies

Client: Gay Living Media
Project Type: Content, Brand, Design, Development


Gay Living Magazine is a local publication that celebrates the individual communities and minorities where it operates. Sourcing the best Canadian LGBTQ news, entertainment, fashion, food & drinks, and travel. In 2016, Gay Living was seeking to mass produce physical copies of their online publication.


Produce a profitable first-run of Gay Living Magazine
Sell advertisement placements for publication
Capture original images
Print 25,000 copies of the magazine
Distribute 25,000 copies of the magazine
Distribute new issue every other month
Curate articles for online readership
Increase online readership and engagement.


Hire in-house graphic designers, web-developers, and writers
Oversee the production of all design
Work with advertisers to approve specs
Print physical copies
Distribute physical copies
Facilitate over 300 online articles to continuously engage Gay Living audience

Key Results

Produce and distribute 6 unique issues
Successfully print and distribute a total of 90,000 copies
About 1,776,000 website hits since founding
Accumulate approximately 13.4K followers on social media